In one hour, you can bring a new life to your stove or fireplace.

You can easily do it yourself or have it done by a professional.

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Progress of an installation : Varieties Series VFP 7021

Sauvignon Top, P4 Posts, castle blocks on top and marble base.

Wall Shelf Serie ZTFP 1101

Wall Shelf Serie ZEN08TABFP + BLOCS BKS

4-Faces Serie ZFP 4081 (Zen)

Harmonie Serie HFP 6102

Harmonie Serie HFP 3078 Cabinet

Wall Shelf Serie ZTFP 1083 (Zen)

Selection Serie (SFP 4059) from Pierre Sirard

Manteau Zen

A Sauvignon from Carly Walker

Manteau Zen

Zen Serie ZFP 1080

Manteau Zen

Harmonie HP 1070

Zen ZFP 5078

Harmonie HFP 3070

Harmonie HFP 6049

Selection SP 1057


Mme Louise Houle, Installé par : Centre du Foyer de l’Outaouais

Selection Serie SP 2058

Zen : ZTFP Special! : Prestige/Wall Shelf

Zen Serie : ZFP 1100 MONO 3-pieces

Varieties Series : VFP 7013 CABINET + OVER

Varieties Series : VFP 7012 CABINET + OVER

Wood Imitation Serie.
Wall Shelf (GRTABFF 1006)

Selection Serie SFP 1079


Harmonie Serie HFP 6099

Selection Serie SFP 4058

Wall Covering + wallshelf #BKS 3056

Multi-Face CVFP 1063

Harmonie HP 4017

Selection SP 1051-1

Selection SFP 2054