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Harder than the conventional moulded plaster!

The Micro-Rock® is a composite of fire resistant products, very resistant to heat, is elegance and has a very competitive price. Because it is non-combustible, it can be installed close to your fireplace without having to worry about the norms that insurance companies impose on you. The product makes all cabinet makers turn red because they cannot imitate our product at this quality finish and low prices as we do.

Also, Micro-Rock® is built to be painted (1) as often as you want to do it. When ordering faux-finishes you can give the look of wood, marble or granite etc..
(1) It is recommended to use a sealer and a latex acrylic paint of good quality.

The architectural stone-finish made an amazing market entry with 8 very distinct colors, with prices more competitive than ever. Closely resembling a stone look, except for price and weight, it is also easy to work with. By always being ahead and listening to customer requests, our product became very high in demand. So, we created a new series of product, such as the Prestige Series, Lumina Series, Zen Series and Blocks to cover your walls and put around your fireplace.

With a large selection of products, the Fini-Plus mantels are easy to install and one will surely fit your home. You may add a personal touch by choosing any of the optional ornaments that will make your mantel unique. Remember that the posts of your mantel can be cut to the height of your choice with a handsaw or grinder, and the posts can be moved sideways to fit basically any fire place on today's market. With the Fini-Plus specialists, you are free to choose the product that suits your home. You are the one who chooses the style for your fire- place. You just have to select the top, the posts and the ornaments of your choice to make sure it correctly fits your fireplace by referring to the measurements table on the illustration (see link).


• Ecological, elegant, safe, affordable
• Made of non-combustible materials
• The only mantels approved by ITS/Warnock Hershey
• Made to be painted (100% acrylic latex)
• Available in several stone colors or faux-finishes
• Quick and easy to install
• Micro-Rock® is a guaranteed product
• 100% Canadian product
• We can custom make to suit your needs
• You can combine the two series, Harmonie and Selection
• Showroom available for customer