Your retailer is our best ally. With him, plan a visit in our showroom where all our models and new mantels are exposed, in order to facilitate your choice. We also provide visit at your home to advise you personally about this, at a tiny cost. This service is available around a radius of 75 km of Montreal city.

Fini-Plus offers you the installation services of your mantel (or wall) in conjunction with your retailer.


An approved device must be settled in accordance with your guide of installation. If the latter does not make reference to a particular point (example: the protection of the floor), we then have to refer to the standard for a not approved device.


When you choose your fireplace, before making on the choice of a model in particular, it is important to analyze the elements which will compose the decoration of this one. Do not also forget to verify the minimal distances to be respected in combustible materials.

On this subject, consult the installation manual of the chosen device. If no distance is registered, you can announce it to your retailer or to the manufacturer so that you are capable of knowing the distance to be respected for your safety.


A continuation of non-combustible hearth must be installed in front of thefireplace and extend on each side. This continuation of hearth must be built in the following way :

A steel part or a piece of non-combustible chipboard, or quite different material (tile, marble or granite) having equivalent thermal qualities must be used. Verify with your building inspector of the acceptability of the material that you want to use.

Install a wide sheet steel of 5 " centered under the joint between the fireplace and the continuation. You will make sure as well as sparks will not go to find accommodation in the chink and to cause a fire. If you settle a raised fireplace, put a fireguard by shaping a piece of metal "Z". The height of the fireguard "Z" must be equal to the distance. Between the floor and the base of the fireplace. The minimal depth of the fireguard has to go on under the fireplace of 2 1⁄2 ". The fireguard has to cover all the width of the fireplace.


The skeleton of a wall seen aside has to arrive equal with the front of the fireplace and in no case should outstrip it with combustible materials (see the left figure).








NEVER RESTRICT the passage of the air to the venetian blinds of admission and escape.