Your retailer is our best ally. With him, plan a visit in our showroom where all our models and new mantels are exposed, in order to facilitate your choice. We also provide visit at your home to advise you personally about this, at a tiny cost. This service is available around a radius of 75 km of Montreal city.

Fini-Plus offers you the installation services of your mantel (or wall) in conjunction with your retailer.


• Put the top upside down on a horizontal surface.

• Cut the top to get the desired length. The joint will be more resistant if it is located above a post.

• Adjust the two parts.

• Wet thoroughly the parts to stick together.

• Mix the DURABOND 90 until cement joint consistency.

• Using your finger, spread the DURABOND 90 on each wet part to fill every pores.

• Then, apply a GENEROUS quantity of DURABOND 90 and stick the parts together making sure they are well-adjusted (use a level).

• Wait for the DURABOND 90 to start thickening before removing any excess with a spatula or a blade.

• As the DURABOND 90 is thickening, reinforce the inside of the head by adding more DURABOND 90 and some 5" fiberglass strips on the cut.

• Instead of sanding, you can use a wet cloth that you will gently rub on the cut surface to remove any repair marks (if you sand, use a sand paper grade 600 or more).

• Fill in with light cement joint, if necessary.

• Let the top still for at least 5 to 6 hours.