Your retailer is our best ally. With him, plan a visit in our showroom where all our models and new mantels are exposed, in order to facilitate your choice. We also provide visit at your home to advise you personally about this, at a tiny cost. This service is available around a radius of 75 km of Montreal city.

Fini-Plus offers you the installation services of your mantel (or wall) in conjunction with your retailer.


• To repair small imperfections on a rough mantel, it is recommended to apply an acrylic latex sealer to harden the Micro-Rock ®.

• To touch-up a mantel already painted, wet the piece and apply light gypsum joint. Let it dry and sand it with a paper grade 600 or more. Then reapply an acrylic latex paint.

• For a mantel with a graining wood finish, if you have a little scratch, simply use the finishing color paint bottle and apply some paint directly on the damaged area. Wipe out immediately any excess with a rag to make sure there is no paint on the clear finish. Otherwise, the touch-up will be of a darker color. Then reapply a clear finish coating. Always keep the retouching paint bottle head down.
• For a stone architectural finish mantel, it can be paint with a spray gun and always use a 100% acrylic latex paint.

«The quality of the result is the sole responsibility of the person who makes the repairs.»