Your retailer is our best ally. With him, plan a visit in our showroom where all our models and new mantels are exposed, in order to facilitate your choice. We also provide visit at your home to advise you personally about this, at a tiny cost. This service is available around a radius of 150 km of Montreal city.
Fini-Plus offers you the installation services of your Mantel, Castle Blocks and King Size Blocks in conjunction with your retailer.

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IMPORTANT To avoid glares on the top of the posts during or after the installation.










Image 12
Unscrew the L-shaped support from the top.


Installation of a standard mantel

The installation of a mantel can involve certain risks. It is your responsibility to take all the precautions necessary to avoid wounds. Do not hesitate to refer to a specialist if needed.

Once all parts have been unwrapped, place a post on the wall next to the fireplace. It must stay upright against the wall. If the post has a tendency to fall forward or if it is not level, you have to adjust it by rasping its sole. Then, follow the steps according to your type of installation.

1• If your fireplace has a facing (marble, ceramic, brass, etc.) mark the thickness to remove from the posts to make them overlap the facing.

3• Once cut, your post will look like this (or like the picture of step #8).

5• Mark the required height on the post leaving 1/8" from any metallic part of the fireplace.

7• Using a rasp or a scraper, give a slight angle to the top of the post in order for the top to rest on the inside part of the posts.

9• For better adhesion, rub the silicone with your finger to spread the dust. Again, put two drops of silicone at the same place.

11• Put a mark on the wall from the top of the posts to identify the top of the L-shaped support according to the model of you top.
(T1 = 13¾") (T2/T5 = 4¾") (T3 = 9¼")
(T4 = 8½") (T6 = 12") (Select 1 = 9")

13• Slowly set the top down and make sure that it is resting correctly on the posts and against the wall. Before the final installation of the top, check its adjustment. Draw some reference mark on the top and on the wall. Drill three new 1/8" holes in the support through the existing holes in the top.

2• Using a handsaw, cut the marked portion.

4• Post once installed properly.

6• Cut the post with a handsaw.

8• Apply three drops (pea size) of silicone on the inside corners of the posts.

10• Once you have checked the horizontal and vertical levels, stick the posts to the wall.

12• Unscrew the L-shaped support from the top. Screw the 1-inch side of the support to the wall just underneath the marks drawn at step #11.

14• Using a hand screwdriver, take the screws (included) and screw the top to the support. Finally, install the finishing caps to hide the screws.




WARNING (for warranty purposes).

A burning fireplace tends to expand. It is mandatory that you leave 1/8" between the mantel and the fireplace.

Note. If you must sand, use sand paper grade 600 or more

• If your fireplace has a facing made out of marble, ceramic or any other material which is not affected by the expansion of the fireplace, you can fix the mantel directly onto the material.

• Never stick the top with some glue nor fill up the gap between the top and the wall with silicone, latex, etc. You must adjust the top with a rasp.