Your retailer is our best ally. With him, plan a visit in our showroom where all our models and new mantels are exposed, in order to facilitate your choice. We also provide visit at your home to advise you personally about this, at a tiny cost. This service is available around a radius of 150 km of Montreal city.

Fini-Plus offers you the installation services of your Mantel, Castle Blocks and King Size Blocks in conjunction with your retailer.

Video (short sideshow):
Installation of a standard mantel

WARNING (for warranty purposes).

A burning fireplace tends to expand. It is mandatory that you leave 1/8" between the mantel and the fireplace.

Note. If you must sand, use sand paper grade 600 or more

• If your fireplace has a facing made out of marble, ceramic or any other material which is not affected by the expansion of the fireplace, you can fix the mantel directly onto the material.

• Never stick the top with some glue nor fill up the gap between the top and the wall with silicone, latex, etc. You must adjust the top with a rasp.