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A plus for your home decor... since 1985!

At Fini-Plus, the art that we have mastered through the years and grown successfully since 1985 through many years of research, the innovative concept character, has allowed us to become one of the largest manufacturers of non-combustible mantels in North America.

Our goal is to offer a range of products that reach the highest expectations and allow the consumer to build a mantel, a wall or install a wall selve that would answer their needs and create an unlimited number of possibilities. We wanted everything to be done in a simple, yet efficient way.

Now it's safe to change your decoration!

Our MICRO-ROCK® is a composite of fire resistant products. All our products feature this technology. Discover it here.

Personalize your fireplace, wall or add a wall shelf

You start thinking about personalizing your fireplace, your walls need a wall shelf to deflect heat from your nice television, that's a great idea! With all the decorating magazines about homes decor, various Internet sites, the choices are vast and we, Fini-Plus, are in business for 32 years, offer a fully produced made in Quebec: the Micro Rock®, "fire resistant" for you and your families’ safety. You will enjoy your investment while having a decoration at your image.

Fini-Plus cannot count the number of mantels available!

Always at the forefront, we regularly produce new models that you can look up on our website or at one of our many retailers. The combinations of these models are almost unlimited. Our Micro-Rock® product is a mixture of different lightweight concrete, no need to reinforce your floors.

Different finishes available for you, a finished stone very fashionable this year, with more than seven (7) colors, faux finish or paint finish, you'll find the perfect match. The faux finish paint is a latex surface, while the finished stone is more robust. This allows us to mix the color out of the raw product, if you accidentally scratch, breakage will be only minimal.

Your fireplace is on the corner or in the center of the room?
You have to dress a wall or cover your brick walls?

We have a solution for you. With photos and the dimensions, we can suggest you some models. Do not hesitate to call us or better yet, visit our retailers or visit us in our extensive showroom in Laval.

A home service is also offered for a nominal fee. Our representative will guide you through our various models and color samples. Measures taken on site are guaranteed to make your fireplace fits perfectly in place. If desired, installation service is also available.

For more details, see the brochure HERE, or one of many home decorating magazines to find the perfect style for your mantle. Whatever style, we can dress your home. Do not hesitate to get some information from a dealer or write us at We will be please to always respond appropriately.