Harder than traditional molding plaster!

Micro-Rock® is a refractory compound characterized by its high resistance to heat, its elegance and its very competitive price. Non-combustible, it can be safely installed near the hearth of your fireplace to save you, among other things, trouble with your insurance. It makes cabinetmakers blush, unable to offer such a high quality finish at such a low price.

Also, Micro-Rock® is built to be painted (1) as often as you want to do it. When ordering faux-finishes you can give the look of wood, marble or granite etc..

(1) We strongly recommend the use of a good quality primer and acrylic latex paint.

With the specialists at FINI-PLUS, you can choose the product you really like. In fact, it's you who gives your home its style. Match the head, legs and appliqués of your choice, and make sure they fit the size of your home by referring to the measurements on the illustrations.

You can fill the space between the inside of the mantle and the fireplace with our castle blocks, ceramic, marble, granite, etc.

• Ecological, elegant, safe, affordable
• Made of non-combustible materials
• The only mantels approved by ITS/Warnock Hershey
• Made to be painted (100% acrylic latex)
• Available in several stone colors or faux-finishes
• Quick and easy to install
• Micro-Rock® is a guaranteed product
• 100% Canadian product
• We can custom make to suit your needs