Video (short slideshow):

Installation of a standard mantle.

WARNING (for warranty purposes).

Never glue the head to the wall, or fill the gaps between the head and the wall with silicone, latex, etc. It must be adjusted with a rasp.

N.B. If you have to sand, use 600 grade paper or higher.

  • A fireplace that heats up tends to expand. It is mandatory to leave a space of 1/8 inch between the mantel and the fireplace. If there is a contour of marble, ceramic or other material unaffected by the expansion of the fireplace, the mantel can be pressed directly against the material.
  • The mantle must be painted within 15 days of installation.
  • We recommend using a latex primer and allowing it to cure for 3 days.
  • It's important to use LATEX ACRYLIC paint and let it harden for 5 days before heating your fireplace.