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Now it's safe to change your decoration!

The installation of a fireplace, composed of combustible materials (such as wood, gypsum, etc) require certain standards as regards security-fire as for the minimal distances between materials.

These distances DOES NOT APPLY TO OUR MANTELS, WALL COVERING OR WALL SHELVES, since they are made with our awsome product : the MICRO-ROCK®!

Our MICRO-ROCK® is a composite of fire resistant products. All our products feature this technology. Discover it here.

Good to know!

For the stone finish, it is normal to have some slight color variations between the panels. They are handmade and this gives a more natural and realistic effect when talking about concrete.

It is also normal for the exposed upper part in the center of the fireplace, to change a little bit of color. We have no control over this and has nothing to do with the number of BTUs but rather with the design of the fireplace you have.

On or Off: No candles!

Avoid putting candles on top of mantels, shelves, 4 faces etc. Some candles may melt with the heat of the fireplace even if they are not lit. It is impossible to clean wax that has spilled on a fireplace mantel or shelf.

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