Installing a standard mantle

Installing a mantel may involve certain risks. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to avoid injury. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

Once the parts have been unpacked, place a bracket on the wall next to the fireplace. It must remain against the wall. If the top is trying to get ahead or is not level from left to right, you'll need to adjust it by rasping the underside of the legs. Then simply follow the steps appropriate to your type of installation.

1) If there is a recessed contour around the fireplace (marble, ceramic, brass, etc.), mark the thickness to be cut on the tabs to overlap.

2) Use a handsaw to cut away any part of the leg that interferes with the overlapping contour.

3) Once cut, your post will look like this (or like the picture of step #8).

4) Post once installed properly.

5) Mark the height to be cut, leaving 1/8" of any metal part of the fireplace.

6) Cut with a handsaw.

7) Using a rasp, give the thickness a slight angle (bevel) so that the head rests on the inside of the posts.

8) Place three pea-sized drops of silicone on each side of the tabs on the inside corners.

9) Using your finger, rub the silicone to dilute any dust for better adhesion, then place two drops of silicone in the same places.

10) Glue the posts to the wall, checking for horizontal and vertical level.

11) Make a mark on the wall from the top of the legs to identify the top of the support, referring to your head model.
(T1 = 13¾") (T2/T5 = 4¾") (T3 = 9¼")
(T4 = 8½") (T6 = 12") (Select 1 = 9")

12) Unscrew the "L" bracket provided in the head. Then, on the side measuring 1 inch, screw the retaining bracket to the wall below the line.

13) Carefully remove the head, making sure it rests firmly on the posts. Before securing the head with the screws, check that it fits snugly. Mark reference points on the head and on the wall. Through the holes in the head, drill three new 1/8" holes in the bracket.

14) Use the three screws supplied to screw the head onto the bracket. Use a hand-held screwdriver and fit the supplied plugs to hide the screws.

WARNING (for warranty purposes).

Never glue the head to the wall, or fill the gaps between the head and the wall with silicone, latex, etc. It must be adjusted with a rasp.

N.B. If you have to sand, use 600 grade paper or higher.

  • A fireplace that heats up tends to expand. It is mandatory to leave a space of 1/8 inch between the mantel and the fireplace. If there is a contour of marble, ceramic or other material unaffected by the expansion of the fireplace, the mantel can be pressed directly against the material.
  • The mantle must be painted within 15 days of installation.
  • We recommend using a latex primer and allowing it to cure for 3 days.
  • It's important to use LATEX ACRYLIC paint and let it harden for 5 days before heating your fireplace.